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A tort is a civil wrongdoing by intent or through negligence that results is damages awarded to the persons affected.


Someone deliberately or negligently may cause physical harm to someone or to another’s property, reputation, or business.

That harm may have criminal consequences, but it may also have civil ramifications in that the act is a “tort” and the person harmed is entitled to money compensation (damages) for the harm done.

The individual harmed starts a civil lawsuit against the person who caused the harm to obtain compensation.

Some wrongs that cause or may cause harm are prosecuted by the state in a manner like a criminal proceeding but do not result in a criminal conviction. These “regulatory offences” are often created by provincial statute and like driving offences may result in licence suspension, fines, or jail time.

Regulatory offences are strict or absolute liability offences and accordingly a conviction is easier to obtain than in a criminal proceeding where general or specific intent as well as the illegal act must be proven.

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