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Privacy (UPDATES)

In this section we provide recent information about issues / concerns in this legal topic area.

Privacy (UPDATES)


In the late fall of 2022, the Australian health insurer, Medibank, reported that data concerning nearly 10 million customers had been stolen. Medibank refused to pay a ransom and risked public exposure of its data. A class action lawsuit is anticipated.

About the same time, American Airlines announced that private information of about 2000 customers and employees had been breached while U-Haul reported a breach of customers’ names and driver’s licenses affecting a much larger number of customers.

In 2020, the Canada Revenue Agency admitted data breaches that affected the personal information of 60,000 Canadians.

Soby Reports to Privacy Commissioners

The Canadian Press reported on Nov 10, 2022, that provincial privacy watchdogs in Quebec and Alberta had received data breach reports from the grocer Sobeys.

This usually means that there has been unauthorized access, use or loss of personal information or breach of the protection of such information: SOURCE:

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