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Never before have laws regarding the protection of our environment been so important to all Canadians.


Constitutional jurisdiction concerning environmental law is split between the federal and provincial governments and on many initiatives, there are cooperative efforts and complimentary legislation.

Indeed, so many aspects of environmental concern do not stop at any intranational or international border.
Global warming is indeed a global problem that will require a global effort.
The world will not be able to achieve many of its goals without the participation of the large polluters like China and India.

Environmental concerns vary from fish and wildlife to ecosystems in the wetlands to the effects of plastics dumped into the ocean.

The following principles seem to be universal: laws are enacted to ensure that polluters pay for their misdeeds and accidental spills:

Carbon emissions (from dirty industries and other sources) build a dome of gas that surrounds the globe, heats the earth, melts glaciers, causes flooding, and severe destructive weather conditions.

Governments have devised various schemes to curb emissions. These include putting a tax on emitters, establishing an emission trading scheme, helping businesses finance investments in greener technologies, making public transit greener, encouraging public transportation, enabling consumers to monitor consumption, and assisting businesses and homeowners to convert to greener technologies.

Caution: Legal information is not legal advice.
This blog merely provides a general guide to the subject matter.
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